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The Famous James

The Famous James is one of the oldest British motorcycle marques, in fact one of the oldest world wide. Originally established as The James Cycle Company Ltd, whose founder Harry James set up business in the 1880s in Birmingham, the heart of British industry. Initially making a Penny Farthing, followed by an array of popular bicycles, the company progressed swiftly and by 1902 the first James motorcycle was born.

James was a well-respected brand, pushing innovation with its Comet, Cadet, Captain, Colonel, Commodore, Cavalier, Cotswold and Super Swift models. Sadly by the mid-1960s burgeoning competition from overseas led to the company’s demise. However, “The Famous James”  is making a return and is currently being designed in Great Britain. 


To design a modern brand and website that reflects the history of The Famous James as well as showcase the exciting new products that the current owner, JohnO, will be offering.


Using a mixture of antique posters/magazines dated back from the 1960's, contrasting with the modern CAD renders of the soon-to-be new James Motorcycles, we achieved a unique brand image that fully reflects the story of James.



One of the most important elements of this project was to present the history of The Famous James. 

We decided to go with an interactive horizontal timeline for the viewers to learn the key dates and authenticity of James.


UK PRICE: £1750

Elegant in design with a true retro feel this stylish limited edition is a real beauty. Complimented with the knowledge that with style also comes safety incorporating tried and tested technology, brakes, wheels and a selection of gearing for todays' cyclist.

"Be different, be James"

THE James Single Cylinder


High quality images of the newly released James Retro Bicycle gave us the perfect opportunity to design an effective moving gallery to showcase all of the attractive features.

And to accompany the bicycle, the two motorbikes that will be manufactured are The James Single Cylinder and The James V-Twin.. exciting times ahead!




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