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With a particular focus on SC/DV talent, Stable Resources provide resources based upon a clear understanding of their clients’ requirement coupled with a unique blend of expertise as both System Integrator and Microsoft specialist. They provide a tailored resourcing service that delivers Solution Architects, Technical Project Managers, Senior Consultants and Support Engineers.

Stable also provide bespoke Cyber Security Systems Integration services. From initial design to implementation and through-life support, they offer a trusted and bespoke packaged solution which is customer focused. ​With over 20 years of experience working with Microsoft technologies, combined with being a Microsoft Tier 1 Freelance Supplier – they specialise in the envisaging, development, implementation and support of systems that are personalised to their customer’s needs.

Sister branch of Stable Studios


"Not your average agency.." 

Stable needed a complete re-brand and new website to better represent what they stand for - trust, transparency and bespoke services.


It was important for them to have a professional and approachable image, with a visually engaging homepage that entices their viewers as soon as they reach their website. 


Our design process began as a workshop to discover what was most important to Stable - why do they do what they do? And the answer was simple; people. Stable thrive to make their clients and contractors happy, as well as their team. This has lead them to succeed in what they do and so we wanted to keep this at the core. 

Showcasing their friendly team photos was essential (especially their Heads of Health & Well-being)


The Background

Stable Resources are all about making connections. This moving image acts as an abstract representation of the connectivity between clients and consultants and how Stable lies in the heart of that process.


The Logo

Representation: Stability and balance. 

One of Stable's core values is to be transparent and trusted by the people they work with. With that, they must provide their services to the highest of quality so that their clients and contractors can truly depend on them. 

The logo has been designed to represent a weighing scale, for stability, with the letters 'S' and 'R' for Stable Resources.

With a sleek metal texture - unique and bespoke, just like Stable. 

The Team

The team photos needed to stand out and truly demonstrate the kind hearted, fun and caring team that run Stable. By simply hovering over each image, the effect changes into a funny image of each team member - an interactive feature for a bit of fun!

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