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Vantage Points was born out of the need for a variety of intelligent, respectable, concerned and empathetic voices in modern-day journalism. With the rise of fake news and polarised viewpoints, the magazine wanted to create a space for people who may normally not meet or speak to one another, generate informed debates on topics impacting people today and in the future. The rules have always been to source quality information and to speak your mind. Now more than ever it is time to learn, listen and be heard. Internationally based with journalists in Africa, Europe, Asia - and growing!


To design a website and brand which reflects the unique voice of Vantage Points Magazine, which is clear, professional and rebellious. Keeping a classic and modern brand that showcases the articles and posts in a visual and engaging way. 


Stable Studios were delighted to listen and embrace the long term goals of Vantage Points and the personalities of the founders. Through this we designed a website and brand that reflects the unique image of Vantage Points. 




The layout is by design engaging for the eye and the brain. Breaking up the content to become easier to digest as you scroll. It's also scalable as you are able to chunk each of the sections to complement social media engagement, special issues, commemorating new journalists and so forth. 


Logo- the arrow points forward into the future direction of journalism. The three points representing the three founders


Vantage means the best viewpoint. The company ethos is that everyone has something to teach, learn and say, meaning that you can have many 'best' viewpoints.

The arrow points forward into the future direction of journalism. And the three points represent the three founders of Vantage Points.

Image by Annie Spratt


The grainy wall texture has been selected as the background feature of the site as an ode to a great journalistic movement, graffiti, as well as a 'rebellious' streak to suit the brand. 


Three platforms were chosen to focus on a more journalistic approach. The aim is to reach the relevant target market in the most visual and interactive way.


Very few colours make a statement quite like red. An ode to old-school publishing when the quality of the story took the president

Now more than ever, it's time to hear what the world has to say.

Vantage Points Team

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