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Agri SGJ Ltd

Agri SGJ Ltd is a family business founded in 1997. The Agri team sources fresh produce globally; supplying retailers, food service, caterers, and the wholesale sector. Collectively they have over 100 years combined experience in the fruit trade. 

After acquiring Follyfoot Strawberry Farm in 2010, they founded Agri Fruit Ltd to grow and pack fruit for Agri SGJ Ltd, allowing them to supply berries year-round.

Quality, year-round availability and competitive, sustainable pricing continue to be their priorities. These go hand in hand with high technical standards and third-party accreditation.


To design a modern website that presents the high quality services and produce that Agri SGJ provide to their customers. The website must be visual, brightly coloured and green! With high quality images of their farm and team, as well as show off their state of the art machinery.


We worked closely with Agri SGJ to discover what was most important to them as a business, and that was to ensure that their suppliers are reassured that they are getting high quality produce. After a photoshoot at the Agri Fruit farm, we were able to provide high quality images that clearly present AgriSGJ and their operations.


The Gallery

The fruit says it all...

What better way to prove the quality of their produce than to simply show their consumers!

High quality images taken on their farm were taken with the intention of bringing their website to life. 



A clean and simple design that is easy to navigate is just what was needed for the consumers of Agri SGJ. With a modern navigation option of everything being accessible via the homepage and dropping down onto the correct anchor has resulted in a sleek user experience.


Clearly differentiating the office (AgriSGJ) and the farm (AgriFruit) was an important factor to the team as they wanted to avoid any confusion. 

Pin pointing both locations on a map at the footer of their website acted as a solution for this as well as being an attractive feature. 

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